Sounds from Sofar Sounds Toronto 

Today, as I’m ramping up to another amazing Sofar Sounds Toronto show, I’ve decided to make a list of stand-out artists that I’ve had the pleasure of tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebook posting about in my time with Sofar. 

So, in no particular order — 


New Tradition (Ruben Esguerra) — The Blue Barracks @ Fort York National Historic Site


New Tradition is not only an amazing artist, he’s also a teacher. He uses his talents to teach his audiences about the history and culture of ancient civilizations in latin America. Not to mention he’s Juno nominated! 


Charlotte Cornfield — Ollie Quinn Toronto 


Charlotte Cornfield is like that whimsical friend you wish you had in high school. Her act is just a woman and a guitar, but her lyrics are what stood out to me. She had the audience laughing and the quips and jaunts she wove delicately into every song.


T.Dot Bangerz Brass — The Bentway


We held a show on top of the visitors centre at Fork York National Historic Site (i.e. the Bentway). To wrap up the night, a full-fledged brass band embellished with extremely talented rappers marched to the stage from the back of the audience. T.Dot Bangerz Brass was the type of act that you go home to tell your roommate about. 


Luanda Jones - Canadian Stage


Luanda Jones is a crazy-talented Brazilian artist. She takes tradition and flips it on it’s head. Her voice, with its complex jazzy inflections, is truly enrapturing. 


Belinda Corpuz — The Rivoli


Belinda Corpuz is a Filipina-Canadian artist. Her compositions elevate folk tropes by weaving in electronic and jazz motifs. Her performance put me in a daze… until I realized I was Instagram live streaming her performance on the Sofar Sounds Toronto account.